Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dial Healthier You Diary: My Lunch Today

This is my favorite way to get a nutrition packed lunch for healthier skin--a spinach salad with tuna and garbanzo beans.  Not only am I getting all the nutrition from the spinach, the garbanzo beans help prevent breakouts and the tuna provides my skin the anti-aging benefit of vitamin.  I usually toss some black olives on this salad (to get some more omega-3's) and tomatoes, but I was out today.

Disclosure:  By keeping a diary of my progress, I am eligible to win a trip to Canyon Ranch from Dial Healthier You.

1 comment:

Ara said...

Good thing, I'm searching for a recipe that is healthy and good to eat. I believe that your favorite meal is what I'm looking for. Because it is really healthy and nutritious. Thanks for sharing this one. I would try this one for my pack lunch.

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