Monday, January 24, 2011

Paintings for the Poor--PLEASE READ!

I think one of the greatest things we can for our children do is to instill a sense of compassion in them.  I also want to teach them that they can make a difference in this world on their own.  They don't have to wait for someone else to get things started.  If they know there is a need, I want them to jump on it and use their talents to make a difference. 

At Christmas, we go as a family to take food baskets to needy families.  This exposes my girls to how other people live and helps them to understand the needs of others.  They know I volunteer to help the needy with St. Vincent de Paul.

Last year, they had a project they named "Toothbrushes for Tots."  They managed to raise over 100 toothbrushes and 100 tubes of toothpaste for needy children just by making a flyer and asking friends, families and a dentist to make donations. 

This year, they are using their talents to paint pictures to sell.  They will then donate the proceeds to help needy families in the area with food, clothing and utilities.  All proceeds will be donated to St. Vincent de Paul. 

So far, they have managed to raise nearly $80.  If you would like to purchase a canvas painting, please just email me and see if the painting you want is still available.  I can work out payment with a check or Paypal. They also will take requests.   Suggested donation:  Small canvas paintings (8"x11") $5, Large canvas paintings (11" x 14") $7.50.  Feel free to share this post with friends.

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ape2016 said...

This is such a fantastic idea! Wish I had even $5 to spare for this, but since I don't, I will share this with all my FB friends!

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