Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: Wholesale Costume Club

Costume parties can be a lot of fun.  The biggest drawback can be the expense.  Spending a great deal of money for a costume that you will wear for a few hours can really put a damper on the evening.  However, I have great news to help in this department.  Whether you are looking for a special costume for a party, Halloween, or anything else (yes, they have sexy ones), Wholesale Costume Club is here to the rescue.  They offer a very extensive collection of costumes and accessories as well as discounted prices for BOTH members AND non-members.  Non-members get low rates but if you want to join, pay just $5 for the year and get even lower prices.  Prices are clearly marked for members and non-members so when you check out, you decide if you want the membership. 

Another awesome feature is the shipping--flat rate shipping no matter what size your order is ONLY $4.99 and expedited shipping is just $6.99.  They offer same day shipping on orders placed by 3pm, too! 

I had the opportunity to pick a costume and thinking ahead to next Halloween, I knew I had to find something good to top the 60's Barbie and Ken we went at this year (and how I am wishing I knew about Wholesale Costume Club when I purchased these costumes--I would have saved a bundle!)  After looking with my husband, we decided to go as Sandy and Danny from Grease and I chose the Sexy Sandy Costume.  This costume sells for just $27.48 for non-members or $23.96 for members.  I can even pick up the wig for just $13.98/$11.46.  The costume is just as advertised and comes with pants, top and belt.  Now, I just need to get the body for it!

Stop by Wholesale Costume Club and see what all they have to offer.  Make sure you check out all the Women's Halloween Costumes and Women's Movie Costumes while you are there.

Disclosure:  I received a costume in exchange for my honest opinions about Wholesale Costume Club.

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