Saturday, January 1, 2011

Skin Healthy Foods--Week 1 Dial Healthier You

With winter here, and a cold, brutal one at that, skin dries out.  Did you know that what you eat can dramatically effect your skin?  Yep, the old saying is true, you are what you eat. So what exactly can you do to keep your skin looking its best?

First things first.  Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  Also, eating foods like oily fish and flaxseed that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help.  You also want to include foods fortified with biotin like white meat chicken, eggs and Swiss chard to help your body process those healthy fats.

To combat blemishes,  be sure to include foods rich in zinc like vegetarian baked beans, garbanzo beans and pumpkin seeds.

To keep your skin young looking, make sure you use a broad spectrum SPF.  Vitamin E has also been purported to prevent skin damage and wrinkles. You can find Vitamin E in foods like tuna and fortified cereals.  The best tip yet--dark chocolate, can also keep you looking young (this is easy to implement).  Tea and watermelon also are great for your skin.

I have really been fine tuning my diet over the past few years (of course, there is always room for improvement) so I felt really good about this weeks steps to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  I rarely go anywhere without my reusable water bottle in tow.  I find if I have it nearby, I drink it.  I make a habit of drinking a full glass of water first thing in the morning to rehydrate myself.  Hungry?  I have a glass of water because I once read that may times people mistake needing to be hydrated with being hungry.  Seems to do the trick many times!

I love oily fishes, such as salmon.  We eat salmon nearly once a week.  I know a lot of people who like fish don't cook it because they don't know how to.  Really, fish is very easy to prepare.  Usually, there are very simple recipes on the package that are easy to follow.

I also have been buying baby spinach and adding canned tuna, chick peas (garbanzo beans) and black olives.  Wow--that is a great, easy lunch packed with nutrition.  I am to the point that I don't usually even use dressing on it, but Ranch, Italian, Thousand Island, or any dressing of your choice can be added.   I also like spinach sauteed in Olive Oil.  Besides all the nutrition in the spinach, I get the Omega 3's.

I have gone through phases with Flaxseed.  For me, it is just a matter of remembering to use it.  You can buy it in the seed form or ground up.  I have been known to sprinkle it on anything from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to pasta, to salads.  It doesn't really change the taste of things, so add it to anything you like.   My kids don't even notice when I add it.  This program was a great reminder for me to get back in the habit of using it.

Of course, I always make sure I get plenty of dark chocolate in my diet!

I hope you can take away some great tips from the changes that I have implemented in the Dial Healthier You program.

Disclosure:  As previously stated, I received one bottle of Dial NutriSkin Body Wash and will be eligible to win a trip to Canyon Ranch.

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