Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Feel Good Story--The Kindness of Strangers

Every now and then, we run into someone who is just simply wonderful.  They touch our lives with their kindness and leave a mark on us that we will never forget.  I met someone like that yesterday.

I was shopping at JC Penney's to outfit the camper we are purchasing with pots and pans.  They are having an incredible sale on a 21-piece kitchen set for just $29.99 after rebate.  My husband ran my daughters to Build-a-Bear while I shopped Penney's for it and bedding.  As I was looking for the kitchen set, another woman, elderly, but not frail by any means, was also looking and asked if she could check my add to find the right set.  We began talking and I shared with her that we are buying a camper and I was looking to purchase the set for the camper.  She shared with me that she and her husband used to have a camper and loved camping and that we would love it too.  She said that she'd still be camping at 71 if her husband was still alive, but she couldn't hook up the trailer by herself.  I told that I had never camped before, but am really looking forward to it.  I told her how much my two young daughters and husband all enjoy nature.  She then asked me where I lived and said that she was probably going to be back in the area this week and had an outdoor kitchen camp table she would like to give me.  I was tickled.

So, today after I returned from picking my daughter up from preschool, sure enough, there was a nice camp table next to my garage!  But the true treasure was left in an envelope on my bench.  I thought it might be paperwork, but instead, it was a two page typed letter from my new found friend, Betty.  In it, she shared so much--tips for camping, books to read, encouragement, ideas, suggestions and personal stories.  It is a beautiful letter that will be packed in our camper as our first "treasure."

Thank you, Betty.  Your kindness is so touching!


NSB Mom said...

Love this.... :)

StuffSmart said...

How very sweet, a memory to treasure for sure. It is stories like these that remind us that there is still kindness in the world. We just need to pass it around. :)

Mariana @ The Domestic Buzz said...

That's amazing, Ann! Thanks so much for sharing this story :)

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