Tuesday, February 8, 2011


While I was talking to my mother today, I was mixing up a batch of cookies.  My mother asked what kind and I told her Pinwheels.  It is a sugar cookie in which you roll all the dough out, then spread chocolate on it, roll it up, put in the fridge to chill then slice and bake.  You have a beautiful cookie with chocolate spiraling throughout it.  My mother asked, "Why?"  Why I was doing that instead of just making sugar cookies that you drop.  I told her it was a new recipe and they look beautiful.  Her response?  "Sounds complicated."  I assured her it wasn't that difficult.  Yet.  So, I roll out the dough between wax paper and the wax paper and dough wanted to go all over the counter top.  I combated that by holding the paper down with the cookbook.  Rolling dough into a rectangle wasn't so easy, but I managed.  I put the dough in the fridge to become more solid, then melted and spread the chocolate on them.  Went to roll them up and guess what?  The dough stuck to the bottom wax paper.

At this point, I am asking, "Why?" too.  I have them back in the fridge and hopefully will be able to roll them in a bit, provided the chocolate isn't too hard.  I will bake them tomorrow.  But really, I ask myself, why?

Guess I am sucker for a  pretty cookie.

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