Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ever Experience This?

I have been really good at keeping the piles on my desk down.  I mean really good.  Right now--one pile, less than an inch!  I have been trying to adhere to the touch it once rule.  Of course, there are always those few things that I can't do anything with right away.  But, like I said, I have been better.  So, tonight I decide I need a folder to put some things in and reach into my file cabinet to get one.  I have one of those low, wide file cabinets and on one side, I stack phone books, file folders, labels, special papers, etc.  When I opened it, something fell back behind the drawer into the bottom, underneath the drawer.  So, I let the drawer out a bit.  It is very heavy so I didn't want to let it out all the way.  I couldn't get my skinny wrist in there enough to get what fell in back.  I go get tongs out of the kitchen.  I have trouble getting those in and still couldn't reach.  As I was taking them out, I dropped them.  So, unfortunately, I have to do what I was avoiding, and that is unload the entire drawer so I can pull it out enough to get the fallen objects.  It didn't make much sense to just shove everything back in to just have the same thing happen in the future, so I spent an hour going though the files sorting everything out and throwing things out.  Not what I had planned for the evening.  Why is it that one thing always leads to another?

Ever experience this? 

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