Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How I Keep My Family Happy!

Farm Rich and Social Moms is having a fun, new blogging program where they are asking bloggers to tell about how you keep your family happy.

Keeping my family happy is the most important thing in my life.  To me, family is everything.  I was thinking about my role as mother in my family just today has I had my family elbow deep in clay.  And I don’t mean the play dough kind.  I mean full out slippery, slimy clay all over my kitchen counter (and floor and bathroom and…)  I am a hands on mother, for sure.  I am not the type of mother who is glad for my kids to be away at school all day, but the type of mother who cherishes each moment with them.  I am a big believer in the little things to make my family happy.  From home cooked meals to special activities—they are all important.

One of the things I do to keep them happy is make sure that everyone in the family gets enough rest.  That means sticking to bedtimes, mom included, and having downtime in the day.  One of the most important things I do to keep my children happy is to read to them daily.  This is such a special time for us where we all snuggle together and go on new adventures to faraway places or learn about sound waves.  My girls absolutely love story time.

Serving healthy meals is also a way I keep my children happy.  Making their favorite made-from-scratch meals always puts a smile on their faces!  My husband is especially happy to come home to a home cooked meal every day!

I also like to leave a little note or card under my girl’s pillows periodically.  I hear the excitement in their voices when they find them in the morning.

Another biggie for keeping my family happy is to do activities and outings together.  Whether it be a family walk with the dog, hiking the trail behind our house, fishing at the neighborhood pond or fossil hunting in the creek bed out back, my entire family feels connected and loved.

My girls love family game night or family movie night.   There is usually a consensus on the movie, but if not, we take turns.  On game nights, each child gets to choose a game to play.

My girls also like special massages along with a guided imagery story.  In fact, they beg for the story about them being a caterpillar turning into a butterfly every night.   This relaxes and calms them.

When I look back at my own family growing up, I see that is truly is the little things that made the difference.  Like Mother Teresa said, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”

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