Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Kissed My Six Year Old Daughter Good-night for the Last Time

Tonight, I kissed my six year old daughter good-night for the last time.  Tomorrow, she turns seven.  And as tradition holds, I hold her and tell her the story about how I was in the hospital two nights before she was born and sent home in the morning with "false" labor, which really was the beginning of my labor.  But I went home, called off work since I had been up all night and went to bed. 

I actually had a c-section scheduled the next week.  She was breech and the doctor's didn't feel a vaginal delivery would be safe. That night, I thought my water broke, but my husband wasn't convinced.  Contractions were bad, but he slept soundly in the other room, convinced I was not in labor.  I called the doctor at 3am and she said if water wasn't gushing out of me (which it wasn't--just a trickle a couple times), my water probably didn't break and to come in in the morning.  All night I paced the floor.  Eight am couldn't come soon enough.  On the way to the doctor, I felt miserable.  I was thinking, "How would I even handle labor?  This is pretty hard and I am not in labor!"  After examining me, the doctor didn't think my water broke, but gave me the test anyway.   To her surprise, my water had broken (I guess Camille was blocking it from draining out all the way).  I was immediately sent to the hospital where they slowed down my contractions till all the doctors could get on board for the surgery.  Coming out butt first, the doctors declared it was a girl and then I had this most precious creature in my arms.  It was then that I truly knew God's grace.  There was nothing, even of all the good things I had done for others, that was deserving of this.

Camille sat cuddled in my lap, loving the story of her birth.  It was bittersweet for me. I know there will be a day that she won't be in my lap anymore, but I pray this special bond will always last. 

I sort of lied.  I didn't really kiss my six year old for the last time.  On my way to bed, I know I will stop in her room as I do every night and kiss her forehead and tell her I love her.

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