Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Product Review: Twin Sisters Subraction Workbook and Music CD

I love music in learning!  It makes learning so much easier and enjoyable for me and for my children.  And now that I am homeschooling, I love products that teach your children through music.Twin Sisters does just that, and a great job of it, I might add.

I recently had the opportunity to review the Subtraction Workbook and Music CD.  This set teaches subtraction facts 1-18, as well as strategies for subtraction, fact families and problem solving.

With easy lyrics set to catchy tunes, this makes learning subtraction a breeze. My daughters both love the songs and I have even caught my 4 year old singing some of the words.  It will already be in her brain when she is old enough to start learning subtraction!

The workbook has basic drill pages as well as fun puzzles, secret codes, games and real life problem solving.  The lessons correspond to the songs on the CD.  I love that the pages are thick and colorful and engaging.

In addition to the Subtraction title, they have many other titles including Addition, Phonics and more.  Just visit them at This next part is what I find truly amazing.  The book and CD retail for just $4.99!!   If you are looking for a workbook for homeschool or just one to use to reinforce learning during the school year or over the summer, this is it!

About Twin Sisters Productions:   
Twin Sisters Productions started with fraternal twins, Kim Thompson and Karen Hilderbrand.  They have a love for children and love seeing the wonderful look of pride on children's faces when they have mastered a concept.  As a classroom teacher, Kim loved integrating music with learning and is convinced this is a great way to teach children. Their company's mission is to be "The Leader in Children's Educational Music" and have recieved numerous awards for their products.

Disclosure:  I received a copy of the reviewed product.  This product contains my honest opinions.


laurelbostan said...
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StuffSmart said...

Thanks for the information. This sounds perfect for my neice and nephew.

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