Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All Things Spring

Spring is one of my favorite seasons.  The crispness of the evening air, the dampness of the dew in the grass, the sounds of the birds singing, the longer days.  Everything is ready to burst and bloom with happiness after a long winter.  Which, I suppose, is how I feel in the spring.  I have long tired of the gray, dull, sunless days of winter.  
I am ready to burst out of my house, out of my coat and bloom!  I can’t wait to get my hands dirty—to feel the moist, luscious soil between my fingers as I work the earth.  I delight in the blossoms that peak out at me like a hidden treasure waiting to be found.  Or the small seedling erupt out of its seed pod, pushing its way through the blanket of leaves and debris.  The sun on my skin blankets me in warmth while the cool breeze refreshes me.  The birds sing incredible melodies in chorus, telling the world to wake up—spring is here!  The cleansing rains that make everything fresh and glistening in the light.  Every day, the changes are small, but yet so profound.  You simply have to take the time to watch and explore.  And don’t forget to snap photos along the way!

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