Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Barbie Fairy Secret Party

As a member of ModernMom, I was chosen to host a Barbie party, featuring Barbie in her latest movie, A Fairy Secret.  My girls were so excited when they learned I was chosen to host this party, and anxiously awaited the arrival of the Barbie package.  Every time the UPS or FedEx man dropped off a package, they came flying.  The day the Barbie box came, they were besides themselves.
We opened the box to find three dolls, Barbie and two of her friends, along with the movie, Barbie, A Fairy Secret and giant wings for the children to decorate and wear.  Immediately, we began planning our party.  They were in complete agreement which girls to invite.  We decided that we could have a  secret fairy club and all the girls would have a secret fairy names as well as a secret fairy code that only members would know about.  We were simple with decorations and had the Barbies available to play with and hung pink mosquito netting over the couch to make it cozy.

We even had a couple male guests--a sibling and a neighbor, who wanted to stay for the fun.  The children loved decorating their wings and were quite creative with them.  Following, they piled on the couch to watch the hour and a half movie.  Following the movie, they were all a buzz and excited their wings were dry.  Since it was a beautiful day, which is a rarity here lately, they went outside to fly.  They were abound with creative fairy games!

All the guests also received the Barbie magazine, which delighted them.  They all said they had a great time and even after 4.5 hours, wanted to stay and keep playing with their wings!

My take on it all--the movie was good, but probably not as good as some of the Barbie movies.  It did, as true to Barbie movies, have all the elements of true friendship and values of doing good over bad.  However, the kids really loved it just as much as other Barbie movies.  Even the boys watched the movie and enjoyed it.  I really liked the craft activity that went along with the movie.  It really inspired creative play among the children and my girls are still talking about it.  I would have to say that this ranks up there with one of the most fun parties we have hosted!

Disclosure:  I received a Barbie Fairy Secret party pack from ModernMom in order to host this party.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  This review contains my honest opinions.

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