Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Movie: Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come : The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus

Get a free download of the movie, Kingdom Come.  I heard this was made by sixth graders.  You can watch a preview of it and download it HERE.  This can be played on a Mac or PC with Quicktime, iTunes and other video players.  

Since it is made by children, I think children will really enjoy watching this!

Product Description

"After the darkest day of their lives ends with the crucifixion of their master, Jesus' followers go into hiding. Amidst confusion and despair, they seek a glimmer of hope... What they find is an empty tomb! Thus begins the encounters that take the followers from the ashes of defeat to a hope beyond their wildest dreams. Watch as their fellowship is forged anew and they become truly one nation under God in Kingdom Come!"
Digital Downloads are Quicktime Movie files that can be played on a Mac or PC with the freeQuicktime player, Apple iTunes, and many other video players. 

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