Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gogos Crazy Bones Bonanza Event #Gogos

The latest, greatest craze--Gogos Crazy Bones!  What are they?  Well, Gogos Crazy Bones are the latest collectible hot mini-toy game that kids LOVE!  Characters come in hundreds of colors and designs, each with its own name, design, personality and special ability. They are cute, funny, silly, crazy and interesting looking.   Each character comes with a sticker that you can put in a sticker album.  The games are reminiscent of games from my childhood, like marbles and jacks, with a new twist. Gogo's were inspired by games from ancient Greece where children played by bouncing and throwing sheep knuckle bones.

At our Gogos Crazy Bones Bonanza, the kids had a blast trading Gogos and playing various games.  My favorite is lining up your Gogos against your opponents in Battle.  The object is to try to knock down all your opponents Gogos first.  We also played Gogos basket game, where the kids took turns tossing their Gogos in a basket.  The player who got the most Gogos in the basket won.  K.O., or Knockout, was also a hit.  This was played similar to marbles. 

My take on Gogos:
I wasn't sure how the kids would respond to these, especially since we had a few 4 year olds at the party.  I worried that they may not be able to play the games.  However, these were a huge hit with the children--even the younger children!  They loved playing all the planned games (rules are included in the Gogos Sticker Album).  I also noticed the kids just enjoyed playing with the Gogos characters and making up their own games.  I heard kids telling their moms they wanted to buy more Gogos.  I like that they are small and fun.  I can envision packing these in a bag to take on trips to Grandma's or vacation for a fun time.

You can see from the photos and video below how much the kids enjoyed playing with their Gogos!

Disclosure:  I received a party pack filled with Gogos Crazy Bones to host this party.  

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