Monday, April 4, 2011

Of Worms and Things--Growing Up Too Fast

Does it seem like kids are growing up way too fast these days?  It sure does to me.  We have Abercrombie and Fitch selling "push up" bikini tops for 8 years olds.  What is worse, is that parents are buying them--along with other adult looking clothing.  Whatever happened to children just being children?

Sometimes, I think parents and society puts too much of an emphasis on children to look a certain way.  While I realize that children, especially young girls, may want to imitate their mothers or other idols, in my opinion, this isn't always healthy. Sure it is fine to let little girls dress up and pretend, but when little girls begin to be concerned daily with their image, this can lead to future problems with their self-image.

Just the other day, my seven year old had a friend over.  The little girl had a choker necklace, three or 4 bracelets on both arms and a ring on her finger.  None of it was "play" jewelry, but more fashionable jewelry designed for pre-teens/teens.  This little girl does not have an older sister, nor does her mother dress up much, so I am not sure where the influence is coming from.

My girls?  Well, they like to put on some play jewelry now and again, but it never stays on long.  They rarely wear the nice piece or two they have.  Just the other day when dressed up for a play, they only wanted to wear a necklace, but not the matching bracelets.  Of course, I did not make them.

Later in the day, while playing outside, my oldest (7) says, "These worms haven't moved at all since Claire brought them to me."  I look up from my gardening.  Adorning her arms are worms.  She won't wear a bracelet, but will wear worms.  I smiled.  She is, after all, a kid.  And I am going to do my best to make sure she enjoys and savors every minute of it.

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