Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Peep Peep Peep! My Peep Moments

 Peep, peep, peep!  What is Easter without those cute yellow (and now pink and purple and orange) Peeps?  You know, the cute little marshmallow chicks covered in sugar.  They have been around forever.  Well, at least ever since I can remember.  I still remember Easter mornings.  My siblings and I would run to our Easter baskets.  Mine was the one woven with purple, of course.  I loved peeking in and seeing the bright yellow chicks against the purple.  It was such a royal look for the little Peeps! 

I had a HUGE sweet tooth as a child.  I loved Easter because of all the candy.  I loved the marshmallowy goodness of Peeps.  I ate all the other candy in my Easter basket (save for the black jelly beans—ick!)  I saved the Peeps for last.  But then came the only part I dreaded about Easter—eating my Peeps.  For days, I had played with them.  I made them my friends.  They danced around the other Easter candy.  They played kickball with the jelly beans (usually the black ones, of course).  They would stand on each other like a totem pole.  They played hide-and-peep, oops, I mean hide-and-seek with each other.  I made them talk to each other in little peeps.  I played they were newborn chicks and my Easter basket was their nest.  The games were endless.  But then, all my other candy was gone.   And my sweet tooth was calling.  I would pick up the first Peep, and feeling quite guilty, would bite the tail.  The body was next.  The head was last.  I guess some people eat the heads first, figuring the rest of the body wouldn’t know once the head was gone, but I never thought like that.  I guess I worried about a headless body.  Maybe the Headless Horseman story scared me or something.  Of course, once I had that marshamallowy (okay, I know that isn’t a really word) confection in my mouth, I didn’t really care about much else.  The rest of the peeps went down much easier.

When I watch my girls explore their Easter baskets and spy the peeps, I know what is to follow.  My girls are so much like me sometimes it amazes me.  Immediately, they will grab their peeps and have the Peeps start talking with each other and playing with each other.  I wonder, though, if they feel guilty about eating them.  Claire, I am sure, would laugh if I told her my experiences.  Camille, on the other hand, would probably say she feels guilty.  And if she didn’t, she would at the suggestion.

This year, I have seen all kinds of cute Easter decorations featuring the one and only Peeps.  I hope to get the time to make a Peep wreath for my entrance way.  What could possibly be cuter than that?

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Mellisa Rock said...

Peeps are such a must for Easter. They almost outshine the chocolate bunnies.

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