Thursday, April 14, 2011

Puberty Hitting Girls as Young as...YIKES...Age 7!

I read this article that really disturbed me.  According to the article, 15% of girls in the US are beginning puberty at age 7!  Yikes!  The rate is even higher for black girls--a whooping 23%! Seven year olds are still little girls and should not have to deal with the stress of puberty!

What is causing this early onset of puberty?  No one really seems to know what is the cause, but there is plenty of ideas, including family stress, environmental chemicals, obesity, screen time, etc.  Check out the article HERE and let me know what you think.

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Jessica said...

Acck! I read this article earlier today, and it left me heart broken! That is WAY too young, girls need to stay little for as long as possible especially with societies pressure to act "grown-up" at such a young age. Being a mother to three boys, I am lucky to have to miss out on girls entering womanhood. But not looking forward to my boys hitting puberty and the issues that will come with that.

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