Sunday, May 15, 2011

Book Review: iShine Bible--Totally for Tweens

Tweens.  It is a word that makes me cringe as I feel it is such a difficult time for children.  They are losing their innocence and begin to doubt themselves.  What others say and think of them can become all consuming.  It is a lot to deal with and many tweens struggle with their identity.

The iShine Bible  is totally for tweens. First off, it is a small (about 5”x7”) leatherlike bible—one specifically for girls in TuTone Lip Sync Pink and Rockin’ Ruby and one for boys in Backstage Blue.  The wrapper on the book states that they Bible was created “specifically for you” and states that inside the reader will find that they are a V.I.P. in God’s eyes:  V: You have value in God’s eyes, I: Your identity is found only in Jesus and P: you have a special purpose in the world.

These bibles are NLT bibles with typical thin paper pages, but have the added benefit reaching tweens through three sections of glossy page spreads with photos of teens and information about the V.I.P. and where in the bible they can read more about this.  The spreads also are appealing to tweens as they contain QR scan codes for smartphones.  With these codes, teens can find out more about iShine and the ishine Bible.  (Web addresses are included for those without smartphones).  Codes link up to music, videos, contests, games and more.  There is even a section for parents. 

These bibles are cute, enticing for teens and have a great message.  The sites/links are filled with appropriate material for tweens.  Even though the site has a lot of free things for tweens and useful information, there seems to be a strong push for purchasing music and videos, which is not limited to the “store.”  In fact, there is a huge rolling ad at the top of the page for various products you can buy.  Since this site is supposedly geared towards tweens, I am bothered by the strong advertising presence to purchase items.  It makes me question the true motive of the site.

Here is a video that tells more about the iShine Bible:

Disclosure:  Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of these books. 

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