Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Camping Trip

We went on our first camping trip last weekend.  We were blessed to have a dry Friday and Saturday, although cool.  It was a wonderful first trip and we all loved it.

Nature is a wonderful thing. It is incredible how grounded I feel when I am lost in nature.  I feel so connected to God and so appreciative of all the gifts he has given us.  Being in nature is like a treasure hunt.  You just have to look around and you will find treasures everywhere.  Here are a few of the treasures I found:

Take a minute sometime this week; in your yard, in a park or on a hike, and see what treasures you can find!

1 comment:

Mariana @ The Domestic Buzz said...

Beautiful! I especially love that photo of the snail :) We've never been camping as a family, but I'd love to go sometime soon! I think the girls are ready.

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