Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Put that Phone Down!!!!

I know I have complained before about how rude people are with their cell phones, but this takes the cake.  My youngest daughter attends preschool and there is one mother that drives me batty.  The preschool is kind enough to have a drive up pick up/drop off service so parent's don't have to park and walk their child in.  They do request, though, that parents not be on their cell phones while in the line as this is unsafe.  There are two lines of traffic so children/teachers have to cross in front of one line.  This woman is a big offender of that rule--not to mention that I have seen her run red lights, turn in front of people and zoom through the parking lots.

The other day, the preschool had a special Mother's Day tea, which was scheduled to last a half-hour.  The first 15 minutes, the students sang beautiful songs to their mothers, and the last 15 minutes was time for lemonade, cookies and the children to give their mothers the presents they had made for them.

As my daughter and I approached the line to get our snacks, I noticed my favorite mother standing in line, hip jutted out and phone in her hand texting.  She was in line by herself.  Initially, I thought that maybe she was getting the snacks while her daughter sat down, but then her daughter appeared with a plate of cookies.  The mother barely glanced up and then proceeded to scold the daughter for cutting the line.  And then she was right back texting.

Maybe, just MAYBE, if she had paid her daughter any attention at all, her daughter wouldn't have cut the line.  I was so upset.  I wanted to scream at her, "WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN SPENDING 15 MINUTES WITH YOUR DAUGHTER AT A MOTHER'S DAY TEA???"  While I do realize that occasionally there are emergencies that you need to attend to, this definitely was not an emergency.  (I am sure if it had, I would have seen a look of concern on her face.)  I guess what bothered me was that the children have prepared for a few weeks to make this day special for their mother.  How doe this child feel when the mother can't even acknowledge her or give her the time of day?  It breaks my heart for that child.

I just don't get it...


karenmed409 said...

LOL, I like how you referred to her as your favorite mom. She is not setting a good example for her daughter, wait until this child becomes a teen.. she run into problems with her seeking out attention the wrong way.
Glad you had fun at the Mother's Day Event.. our granddaughter had a spa day for the mom's, Beth took her little guy David along, and he even got a foot massage from big sister.

Self Sagacity said...

Hey, does your daughter go to my daughter's school? The cutting and the rudeness is so in our school too. I think you are absolutely right to be disgusted at such behavior. She couldn't just be in reality for 15 mins?

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