Thursday, May 26, 2011

Red Light--Stay Safe

I live in an area that is rapidly growing.  They are expanding the main road I live on. In fact, I think at one point at the main intersection in town, the two lane road will be six lanes.  I noticed at the intersection of it and the main road through town, they have recently installed red light cameras.  Some people might be ticked off to see those, but not me.

Studies show that red-light safety cameras helped save more than 150 lives in 14 of the biggest US cities from 2004-2008.  If cameras were operation in all 99 US cities with populations more than 200,000, more than 800 lives could be saved.  Having these cameras change peoples behaviors and they are less likely to push the light.

Please be careful at intersections.  Don't push the light.  And when crossing an intersection, make sure everyone else has stopped.

You can find the National Coalition for Safer Roads on their website, Twitter and Facebook pages, for more information about this important initiative.

Disclosure:  As a member of Global Influence, I received this public service information to share with my readers.

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