Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: Coupon Chief

As you know, I love saving money.  Internet shopping is awesome because most retailers now offer promotional codes.  But where do you find coupon codes? is a wonderful site that lists many coupon codes for your favorite places to shop.  Before you shop online, simply visit and enter the store you would like to shop at.  It will list various codes.  What is really nice is that people rate whether the code worked for them or not.  When you find a code you want, just cut and paste or even just click the link to add it to the promotional code box.  You can save tons of money by doing this. also gives you the opportunity to upload any promotional codes you may find.  You have two options of doing this; anonymously or you can set up a pay-2-share account.  This pay-2-share account pays you 2% of sales every time someone uses a coupon you have uploaded!  I am not aware of any other coupon code site offering this deal and I like it a lot!

A little more about  It is one of the fastest growing coupon sites and they have over 50k coupons for over 15000 stores!  You can also sign up to receive emails when a coupon for a particular store is posted.  So, stop by today and start saving!

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