Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Book Review: In Zanesville

In Zanesville, by Jo Ann Beard is a coming of age story of a girl growing up in a Midwestern small town.   This story, narrated by a fourteen year old girl, could be any young woman growing up in a small town in the 70’s.  We feel her pain dealing with a dysfunctional family, trials with her best friend, and being accepted by the popular girls.  
This book was enjoyable and Beard really seems to depict the feelings of a young girl growing into womanhood.  It was somewhat depressing and realistic.  It reminded me of the awkward times of growing up and finding myself.  I was reminded of how boys become an ever important topic and how young girls overanalyze every detail of a conversation with a boy.   And of course, how boys and other girls can change the friendship you have with your best friend.   

Disclosure:  I received a coy of this book for review purposes.  This review contains my honest opinions.

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Petula said...

Sometimes reading a realistic book is good especially if it's interesting and touching.

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