Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Newspaper Reporter was at My House Today

Today was a big day for my daughter.  The local newspaper caught wind of my daughters' volunteer activities and asked to interview them.  Of course, my daughters were quite shy, but excited as well.  I am not sure when the story will go live, but I will definitely post the link when it does.

Meanwhile, don't forget to vote for Camille for the Farm Rich Kids Who Give Fan Favorite.  You can vote for her daily, but tomorrow is the last day for voting.  Vote here--it just takes one click: http://kidswhogive.com/vote-on-entries/entry/?submissionId=50


Petula said...

That is definitely cool and exciting! ... I voted again. :-)

Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

Absolutely awesome! No doubt when it goes to print it will do some good where needed.

I voted again today and twitter tweeted again today! Please tell Camille I'm proud of her for her efforts. I have been homeless and hungry in my lifetime and the food pantries are a great need to many.

And ... thank you, Ann, for raising your girls to care about the needs of others, especially to care enough to DO something about it!

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