Thursday, July 14, 2011

Casey Anthony--What You Can Do!

I have been silent long enough (at least on my blog) about Casey Anthony. Anyone who really knows me, knows this sort of stuff fascinates me. I do, after all, have my undergrad degree in Criminal Justice. And, as a licensed counselor, I have spent years working with the mentally ill.

Of course I think Casey is guilty. Do I blame the jury? No. I think they did the best they could with what they understood of the law. (I don't really thing people understand what some legal terms mean and what they can consider as evidence.)

But, this is the thing. Casey, and others, stands to make a lot of money from this. I don't think anyone who thinks she is guilty (which seems to be most Americans) want to see this happen. What can we do to stop this from happening? DON'T BUY ANY BOOKS OR WATCH ANY SHOWS, INTERVIEWS, MOVIES where she stands to profit from it. Contact networks who may decide to carry shows that she will profit from and tell them you will boycott them. Refuse to buy books where she profits from the sales.

Instead, be active in helping other children. We can't help Kaylee now, but there are plenty of children out there who need help. Volunteer to help a child learn to read, be a Big Sister (or Brother), visit children's homes and support a child, donate items in Kaylee's name to Toys for Tots. Do something, just don't support Casey's insanity.


JR911 said...

Great points. I wish people would boycott this type of thing, but people seem to have a fascination with drama and evil. They'll denounce her with their breath and program their DVR for the expose on Jerry Springer!

Petula said...

I'm scared to comment about this. LOL... You sound like my neighbor who has a degree in criminal justice ... She watched this case from start to finish. I'm one of those people who doesn't say much about something when I don't have all the details. All I know is that she said someone took her kid, they couldn't find the baby or the person she said took her and she was out partying and whatnot.

I understand that they also say she was caught in lies. Is it because she lied that so many people think she did something to the baby? She doesn't seem smart enough for that to me especially since the baby hasn't been found.

Anyway, I feel like the case is done and we should all move on. I probably won't watch anything involving her regardless of whether she'll profit or not. It's so sad about the baby and I of course can not fathom how she could harm her, but we all know that people have many a seriously crazy things going on.

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