Thursday, July 21, 2011

Credit Union Scam--Please Read to Protect Yourself!

I received this from my credit union--READ AND TAKE HEED!

In the last few days, credit unions from around the country have reported their members are receiving bogus text message (smishing) alerts. The text message indicates it is from Credit Union Services and advises the member to call the number provided in the text message to havetheir card reactivated. This is a scam as no credit union would ever ask a member for this type of information using text messaging.Because of the increase in both smishing (text message phishing) and vishing (phone call phishing) attempts directed towards members asking for personal or financial information, we want to remind you to never respond to this type of request. If you provided you card information to the fraudster, call us immediately to block the card to help prevent potential card fraud. Never respond to any type of request for personal or financial information being requested by text, phone or email. If you are able to capture the telephone number used by the fraudster, report the number to the following organizations:
  • Your landline or mobile phone carrier.

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