Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It is almost back-to-school season and parents everywhere are already getting ready for its arrival.  Notebooks, paper, glue, binders, etcetera.  But what is probably most important to the kids is new school clothes.  Clothing is such an important part of children’s back to school days.  Clothing can define them, it can help them to fit in and it can be fun.  Children have their own unique sense of style.

During the younger years, some children will wear whatever you buy, and maybe like some outfits more than other.  Of course, there are some kids who have a definite style from early on.  My oldest, who is now seven, was like that.  But now that she is school age and is more aware of what others are wearing, she is beginning to want to choose her own clothing.

JC Penney and Social Moms has sponsored a fun, blogging contest, asking about my child’s individual sense of style.  Wow—this is great timing as I just mentioned that Camille is now finding her own style.  Camille is more of a natural sort of kid.  She loves to play outdoors, climb trees, wade in a creek, hike trails or dig up bugs.  She has been called a naturalist, which defines her well.  She doesn’t over emphasis clothing.  For her, clothing needs to be comfortable and functional.    I think her sense of style falls very much in line with that.  She loves to be barefoot, so when she does have to wear shoes, a simple flip flop or slip on shoe is what she will choose.  She loves to wear pedal pushers with cute t-shirts, simple sundresses.  Pockets are great for carrying around treasures she finds, such as rocks, seashells, or a pretty leaf.  Typically, she will match her own clothes and seems to enjoy making multiple outfits with her pieces.

That being said, she does also like to dress up on occasion.  She likes the very fancy outfits, but of course, they don’t fit well with her personality so she usually will opt for a simpler dress, without all the lace trimmings and made of softer, comfortable fabrics.  Hats are cute, but only last a few minutes on her.  Same for any accessories—they just seem to get in her way and she quickly discards them. 

All kids have their own style, each as unique as their personality.  When shopping for back-to-school clothing for your child, make sure you take into account your child’s personality and likes and dislikes so your clothing purchases don’t end up in the closet with tags on them!

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Petula said...

My middle daughter is definitely style expressive. I'm trying to make sure I nurture it, but keep it in control somewhat. I really don't like that they have to wear uniforms to school because it squelches individuality and doesn't thelp them to learn tolerance.

Good luck re: $50!

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