Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crab of the Day: Doctor's Office Complaint

I haven't posted anything crabby in a while.  I guess that's a good thing!  But today, I had an experience with a doctor's office.  I was calling to request records be sent to another doctor.  Naturally, I was informed that I would have to sign a release.  I asked if the release could be mailed to me.  There was a long pause, and then the woman says, "I can fax it to you."  I explained that I don't have a fax machine and asked again if it could be mailed to me.  Her reply was, "Well, you can just stop in and pick it up."  Yeah, lady, I really want to spend nearly an hour to drive to your office and back to pick it up.  I was so frustrated I simply said, "Never mind" and hung up.  I will deal with it later, after I write a letter of complaint to the office manager.  Most likely, I will sign a release at the specialist office if he wants the records and have them deal with it.

Seriously, is it that much trouble for her to grab and envelope and jot down my address and slip it in the mail?  It is probably just as easy as her filling out the fax form and getting up and faxing it.  Some people are so difficult and rude.

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Petula said...

Stuff like that is so frustrating! I usually have to end up asking the new office to send the release as well. It's too much trouble dealing with some people. They just waste your time and energy.

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