Monday, August 15, 2011

Crab of the Day: Garbage Bills

We all have certain bills we hate.  Mine is the garbage bill.  Fourty stinkin' eight dollars and seven cents.  Yep, you heard me right--$48.07.  Times four.  That is nearly $200 a year I pay for someone to come and pick up a can of garbage and my recycling once a week.  What irritates me the most is that it has gone up nearly $60 a year in the past six years.  Yeah, they like to say it is a "fuel surcharge" but I think they are taking advantage of that.  $60 per year times everyone in my area that one truck hits and, well, you do the math.  That's a lot of jack!  Unfortunately, there is no alternative--as much as we recycle, we still manage to have a can of trash a week and I don't think I can get it any lower.


Beth said...

Yep we're in the same boat we pay about $60 every two months which means about $360 a year. It's crazy.

karenmed409 said...

ouch!! we just got a notice our water is going up 67%.. a lot of crock.. I think it was a lot of mismanagement from the old mayor and we have to pay for it. Makes you think twice before flushing the toilet

Petula said...

That is one of the bills I hated the most when I was in the house! Now that I am in the apartment I'm so glad it's included in the rent, but I wouldn't be surprised if they change that because of the way the dumpster gets over the weekend. It is really terrible. Some people are so trifling.

I haven't been recycling as much since I moved here 'cause it really isn't convenient anymore. And I have very limited space now. Once I get totally settled I'm going to figure it out because one day my daughter said, "Mommy, I wish we had that box or bag that we were putting bottles in..." Or something like that. She remembers our reading and learning at school about recycling.

Good news though. I'm not buying Styrofoam plates right now even though it's so easy and convenient. I'm wondering though aren't I wasting more money in electricity and water by washing more? I run the dishwasher more too.

Toystory said...

We pay $75 a quarter for trash collection (includes recycle-ables), but we feel it's a bargain compared to the company we had previously who was up to... get this $121.00 a quarter.
So.. don't forget to check either with your neighbors or other collectors to get the best price!!

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