Monday, August 22, 2011

Disturbing Photo of a Child Modeling Bathing Suit at

This bathing suit can be bought at, in girls sizes 7-16.  Cute suit, but I find the model's body disturbing.  This girl is built--this doesn't come by just playing sports or being involved in outdoor activities.  To get this type of look, someone has so spend a serious amount of time lifting weights and doing a lot of sit-ups. Daily.  Obsessive fitness.  Granted, I am all for exercise and fitness, but this seems extreme to me for a child, who by all appearances, looks to be younger than 13.  She has the look of a body builder.  Who is this girl's mother and why isn't this girl playing and having fun?

Are you as disturbed about this as I am?


Sophie said...

She appears to be a serious dancer or gymnast.

Anonymous said...

I think she looks like a gymnast too. Maybe she is having fun dancing or at gymnastics, wherever it is that she is staying so fit. I think it is great that she models and knows she does not need to be stick thin to do it!

Michael said...

Bull lol! A gymnast, an advid multi sports player, a motorcross (yess girls do it too now) I started motorcross when I was 6 years old and looked like megga muscle boy lol. Yo uworry to much over a picture. she looks good but not mega overdone.

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