Tuesday, August 16, 2011

End of Summer

Summer is at a close and I think I am as sad as the children.  I never knew mother's enjoyed summer break as much as the children do.  Maybe it is because I am a homeschooling parent, but I think it is more just who I am.  I loved having lazy days with the girls or days where we chased around taking fun classes.  But, today was our farewell to the lazy days of summer.

Tomorrow will be filled with challenges.  This year, I am homeschooling both.  Even though my youngest did participate in homeschool last year, she was at preschool part of the time, allowing for a lot of one-on-one time with my eldest.  Plus, homeschool was optional for her last year.  I have pondered a schedule for the past several weeks.  I am pretty certain I will have to tweak it, but hopefully, I am off to a good start.  Fortunately, we did manage to knock out a couple of weeks or so of school on various days over the summer.  This will allow for a few breather days this year.

Wish me luck!


Petula said...

I love the summer schedule as well 'cause it isn't so stringent. My kids go to public school ... the youngest to headstart... oldest in college. And I so admire moms who can and do homeschool. When my ex and I were together we talked about doing that for my children and I think it would have been the best. As a single parent of four who works from home I just can't see that happening. Now my oldest son really needs to be in traditional school with me teaching him additionally on the side. He needs the structure and consistency of the day. My middle daughter would actually be a great candidate for homeschooling, but she's so clingy to me that I send her for more socialization and other things and supplement education at home.

I so miss my late mornings! I was getting up by 8 or 9 during the summer. Now I have to be up by 5:30. UGH!

Good luck with the new schedule/new year; I know you'll do great!

Mellisa Rock said...

Good luck on your homeschool adventure this year. I have a lot of respect for parents that are able to take this step with their kids. I wish that I lived in a more mainstream family, time and area. It's not really acceptable here - but I have often thought it would be better for my kids.

Petula said...

Soooo... I popped by the other day, I think. And I thought I left a comment on this post. Hmmm?? Anyway, good luck with the home school year. Look forward to hearing about projects and such. :-)

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