Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Big Fat Check is on the Way!

I just got an email from Ebates letting me know that my big fat check is on the way.  Woo hoo!  I love getting money for nothing.  Well, not exactly nothing, but from something I was doing already--buying on the internet.  Whenever I place orders for Snapfish, Shutterfly, or any place I shop online, I simply visit Ebates site first, then from there, I click the link to whatever shopping site I want to visit.  And I end up getting a percent of my total shopping order (including shipping) back from Ebates.  How simple is that?  It even works if you have gift cards--in fact, my check this time came from gift cards I received from blogging so I never spent a dime and got money back!

There are so many sites that use Ebates--from eBay to Kohl's and even Groupon!  Yes, you can get even a better deal from Groupon by getting cash back!

Ebates is a trusted site and has been featured on several national news channels.  What is holding you back from signing up?

Disclosure:  For anyone who signs up AND uses Ebates under my account, I will receive $5.

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