Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Husband Learned Something from Me, You Can, Too!

My husband came home the other day and announced, "You'd be proud of me."  He went on to tell his experience with my 4Runner in the auto mechanic shop.  Being at the auto mechanic itself is a big deal since my 1997 Toyota 4Runner has 177,000 miles on it and we have had it in the shop only one other time since we purchased it used with 73,000 miles on it (had to replace the starter).  This time, it was the CO sensor and was just a couple hundred dollars to replace.  My husband remembered that I had handed him a coupon once that came in the mail from the Toyota dealership.  He never used them in the past, stating that oil change prices were the same as was on the coupon.  He pulled it out and found there was a 10% off coupon for repairs, but it was expired.  Instead of trashing it, he asked the service manager if they would honor it, and they did, saving us over $20.

Lesson to be learned--it doesn't hurt to ask if places will take an expired coupon.  My husband was right, I am so proud of him!

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