Monday, August 15, 2011

A Second Use for Bread Bags

After using up a loaf of bread, I shake the crumbs from the bag and store under my sink.  When I have scraps of meat fat or meat wrappers, I simply pull out a bread bag and place the meat scraps or wrappings in and tie it shut tightly.  That way, I can throw it into the kitchen trash without it stinking up the house.  Or, if you prefer to toss it to the outside trash can, it will help keep odors there to a minimum.  I store these bags in an empty paper towel holder.  Newspaper bags are also good for this.

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Petula said...

Great idea! My mom used to do that... Wait, I think she still does! LOL... I have a garbage disposal and try to take out the trash often.

Why do I spend so much time away from you 'cause every time I come back there is always great posts to comment on. :-)

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