Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Word (or more) from Ann

For a change, I didn't pack my bag and go off camping this weekend.  We stayed home.  Of course, this was long overdue and household chores were piling up, so you can imagine how I spent my weekend!

But, I did have a fun time.  I had a GNO (for those readers who aren't so savvy, that stands for girls night out) and saw Crazy, Stupid Love.  It was over the top, but very funny and we had a great time.

My big project for the weekend was to gather all my digital video and start compiling it into movies and burning them on disk.  I have never done that yet.  As you can imagine, this is quite a time consuming task.  Saving and burning each video alone takes a lot of time, not to mention the time spent pulling the files and making sure I don't have too much and getting it in order by date.  So, last night, I started a video and figured I would leave the computer on and go to bed while it finished.  Wouldn't you know we had a thunderstorm and our power flickered out.  Seriously--it is rare that we loose any power, but let me be working on a computer project and bam!  I had hoped their would be some kind of restore feature, but no such luck.  And I figured it would take me longer to try to find it in the temporary files than it would be to start over.  Rrrrr.

Anyway, we did get some much needed rain this weekend and I did get a jump on some other projects around the house, like organizing the classroom.   Hard to believe that school will start in just a little over a week.  My hands will be really full this year with homeschooling both girls full-time.  I am trying to get everything organized now, because from now till next summer, my life will be chaos.

Anyway, signing off for the night--hope you had a great weekend!

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