Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Review: The Sara Chronicles

I recently read The Sarah Chronicles:  The Beginning Book I.  This is the first in a series for young adults by L. Hughes featuring 12 year-old Sara.  As a baby, Sara was placed in the care of a family who really didn't seem to want her.  She was neglected and unloved and treated more like a slave at home.  Sara threw herself into school and hoped for better in her life.  Then one day, she woke to a different reality where she learns that she, along with two other children, have special powers that will help save the people of this new land by defeating the Garren--an evil group.  This is a classic good verses evil tale.

This self-published story is quite engaging and a quick read.  The material in this book is very appropriate for the young adult reader as it speaks of doing what is right, despite difficult circumstances, and holding on to hope for a better future.   Although the beginning felt a lot like Matilda, the story line quickly diverged into something very different.  The main character, Sara, is quite likable and you immediately want good things to come to her.  Aside from the typographical errors and the tiny font, this fantasy story is fairly well developed, even in just the introductory novel.  I did begin reading The Sara Chronicles Book Two:  Evolution of Us,which quickly engages the reader and look forward to reading the rest.

About the author:  L. Hughes is a registered nurse, mother, wife and author.  She enjoys weightlifting and traveling.  She resides in Altus, Oklahoma.

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Disclosure:  I received copies of these books, along with a small gift card in exchange for a review.  This review contains my honest opinions.

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