Monday, September 12, 2011

Foodiacs Back to School Event--Mushrooms for Classrooms is a community gathering place that features one food artisan or company at a time.  There are times when an item may even be offered at an exclusive price to the Foodiacs community, but they are not strictly a discount site.  They simply want to share artisan products and want these companies to be sustainable in the future. is featuring a wonderful back to school event.  Back to the Roots is a grow-it-yourself garden box of pearl oyster mushrooms.  This kit is simple enough for anyone to grow mushrooms in as little as 10 days in recycled coffee grounds.  When purchased through, teachers also receive a curriculum guide which includes worksheets on recycling and sustainability.  

This is the first item to be featured on and will run from 12pm ET September 6, 2011 12pm ET  to 11:59am ET September 20, 2011  Three boxes of Back to the Roots can be purchased for $40--a 33% savings! 

The next item to be featured is set of southern artisan jams, so keep your eyes open for this one, too!

Here is a video from Back to the Roots:

Disclosure:  By sharing this information, I will receive a free sample.

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