Monday, September 19, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I was talking to my 7 year-old daughter today about going to confession (we are Catholic).   She was inquiring about what it entailed and when I told her that she would have to confess her sins, she exclaimed, "I can't remember all those!  There's too many!"

Of course, her sins are little but I had to wonder, do we recognize the little things we do wrong as sins and ask for forgiveness?  Or do we just let them slide and seek forgiveness only for our grave sins?  Living by the motto that it is the small things that matter, I think it is important that little wrongs be righted.  Take relationships, for example.  We commit a small wrong.  Maybe a white lie, maybe an unkind word.  The first time it happens, the other person may ignore it or write it off that you were having a bad day.  Then it happens again (as it does because we are human) and again.  And that person may wrong us in little ways.  Over time, we begin to build resentment towards the other person and the relationship begins to crumble.

What if we became aware of our little wrong doings and went to the other person, asking for forgiveness? Some things might seem pretty petty, even to the other person, but yet a bridge is forged, not crumbled.  The other person feels respected and knows that you cared enough to right something that you thought was hurtful toward them.  Think of how you would feel if someone came to you and apologized for not being as kind as they could have been to you.  Would you have more respect for that person?

So, how many sins to you need to reconcile?

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