Monday, September 26, 2011

Why Is It Okay to Be Rude to Skinny People?

My husband, who was slightly overweight, has lost a significant amount of weight over the past nine months through healthy eating and exercise.  I asked him the other day if he gets some negative comments now that he is thin and he adamantly agreed.  Since I am thin, I have received these negative comments all along.  Somehow, most people think it is okay to make critical remarks to thin people.

Here are some comments that we receive, and the flip comment/question that we would never dare say to an overweight person:

We get:  You are skinny, you don't need to work out.  We don't say:  You are fat, you need to workout.

We get:  Are you going to lose more weight/get skinner?  We don't ask:  Are you going to gain more weight/get fatter?

We get:  What is your secret to losing weight?  We don't ask:  What is your secret to getting fat?

We get:  You are skinny enough.  We don't say:  You are fat enough.

I get:  You are just naturally skinny.  I don't say:  You are naturally fat.

What is it that people think it is okay to make these comments to thin people, in a negative way?  I would never dream of making the flip comments/questions to heavy people.

My husband and I find this highly irritating on several levels.  First off, we work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  All my life, I have exercised religiously and eaten healthy.  I watch my portions.  I don't mindlessly eat.  If I splurge, I give up another time.  I live an active lifestyle.  My husband has started to eat healthier and is now exercising five days a week.  He gave up some of his favorite foods and eats them only as treats.  It is not magic.  It is hard work and a conscious effort.

So, why do people think it is okay to make these comments?

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