Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Don't Throw that Broken Toy Away!

Have your kids ever had a toy that just stopped working or broke for no reason?  I am not talking about things that have been played roughly with, but something simple that just stops.  I find this so frustrating and like to make a few comments under my breath about the cheap a#% things made in China.  I image there are other parents out there who have experienced the same thing, but, before you you toss the toy in the trash, there is something you may want to do first.  That is call the company.  Seriously--take the time to give the company a call.  Sometimes, they can tell you how to get it working again.  Other times, they may send you a replacement product or a coupon good for an item of the same value.

I will share an example.  My girls have the Crayola Color Explosion Glow Board.  Shortly after they got it, it stopped working.  I changed the batteries and that didn't help.  When I called the company, the woman I spoke to said they get calls about this all the time and proceeded to tell me how to reset it.  Unfortunately, in my case, it didn't work.  However, she said that she would send me a coupon for a new product valued up to $19.99.

Advice:  keep the paperwork from toys in a file.  I just happened to see the paperwork for the Glow Board and was about to pitch it when I noticed Crayola's "Quality Guarantee."  Because of that, my girls will get a new working toy!

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