Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween is Near...Watch out for the Creeps!

My very lucky girls already got to go trick-or-treating!  We went camping this weekend and the campground had trick-or-treating for all the little ghost and goblins, or in my case, Dorothy and cat.  It was a very nice, fun and almost safe time.  I say almost safe, because even though the roads were closed to traffic and the girls were trick-or-treating in daylight, you can't be completely creep-free.  And I don't mean people in creepy Halloween costumes.  I mean the perverts that are all around us.

As we approached one camper filled with awesome Halloween decorations, a man was sitting right in front of the candy bowl videotaping all the children who approached.  He seemed friendly and jovial.  No one seemed bothered by this.  Except me.

Innocent?  No, I think not.  Working in the field I have worked in, immediately all sorts of warning bells and whistles rang in my head.  I leaned into my husband to comment to him and noticed the man was watching me.  As we walked off, I noticed the man panned the camera on my daughter and then me.   He knew I knew (hence why he panned the camera to me).  I slipped him the bird.  When he is home watching the video and getting his jollies, he will be reminded that he isn't that slick.

Call me paranoid, but I think not.  This man at minimum enjoys watching children while entertaining fantasies about them.  I suspect he is probably more likely a predator.

Message for my readers to take home?  Be on the lookout for these creeps.  Many sex offenders seem like the nicest people you could know and are great with kids.  As parents, it is our responsibility to keep our eyes open for these guys and keep our children safe, whether trick-or-treating or playing in the neighborhood.

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