Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Hometown--Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

My home town of Zanesville, Ohio, has captured the national media spotlight.  Yep, they were the top story of all the national news shows this morning.  Why?  Because some idiot (who has a criminal past for illegal possession of firearms, animals at large and cruelty to animals) decided that it was okay to house wild animals.  Yes, lions, tigers, cheetahs, black bears, grizzly bears, and who knows what else.  And the man killed himself last night after opening the animal's cages.  These are mature, aggressive animals now in strange territory.  Many animals have been killed overnight and area schools are closed.  Of course, the Columbus Zoo and the Wilds are also at the scene, in hopes of tranquilizing these animals and placing them in safe habitats.

Of course, some people are making light of this dangerous situation and are questioning why authorities have to kill these animals.  These are WILD, DANGEROUS, CARNIVORES in an unknown habitat.  And they will get hungry, if they aren't already.  Seriously, people?  You really have a problem with authorities killing them?  I love animals and would hope for humane treatment, but this is a crisis situation.  It is not one animal, but dozens on the loose.  Even the representatives from the zoo indicated that they needed daylight in order to tranquilize these animals because due to the size, it can take the tranquilizer some time to take effect and they need to be able to see to track these animals.  Lets be more concerned with saving the people.

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