Friday, October 14, 2011

OH NO! Fraudulent Charges on My Charge Card

Early this morning I received a call from Discover Card Services asking for me to contact them regarding some charges they believed to be fraudulent.  When I called, there were several charges over the week or so that were not my charges.  Discover Card was great about it.  They said I was not responsible for the charges and immediately closed my account and offered to expedite the shipment of new cards to me.  When I was talking to the rep, I commented that I guess this meant I had to learn a number for my new cards.  He was surprised that I knew my credit card number.  I explained that I had probably had the card for 20 years.  He looked it up and said, "Yes, you opened it up in 1989 and I know that is 22 years because that was the year I was born."  Thanks for making me feel old, buddy!

Anyway, I am very pleased that Discover caught this and contacted me, and most pleased that there was no hassle for me to say certain charges were not mine.  Thanks, Discover Card!

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Stacie said...

That is awesome that they contacted you about it. That happened our our debit card and luckily they didn't let the charges go through.

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