Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Bathing suit season is one season most women fear.  Yep, from day one, most of us hate the way we look in in bathing suits--no matter what size we are.  We dream of that perfect suit that hides our flaws and makes us appear sexy and gorgeous.

I never thought there was such a thing.  Let alone one that could take me from the beach to dancing.  I didn't even believe it when Sugie Wogie asked me to review "the first ever firming, Fashionable Swim Dress created for real women with curves...whether you’re a size 2 or a size 20...Now SugieWogie can take you from the pool to dinner to dancing all in one dress created for real women."  No way, I thought.

But intrigued, I told them I would review it.  I am so glad I did!  This suit (or is it a dress) is awesome!   I know some of you are thinking that I don't need a cover up suit, but trust me, even thin women have their trouble spots.  And unfortunately, most bathing suits don't cover up those spots, but the flirty skirt on this does!

I will admit that it is a little tight getting it on, but once it is on, it is very comfortable!  It fits like a dream and makes me look a million bucks!  It holds in, covers up, and supports me everywhere I need it. I only wish I still lived in Florida to sport this suit on a daily basis.  It is playful fun on the beach or if I want to toss on heels, I am ready to go out dancing.  Seriously!  With heels and earrings, it looks like a great dinner dress!

This swim suit/dress is of unbelievable quality that American's rarely see these days.  Maybe because it was actually made in the USA!  The quality is superb and I am confident this suit is built to last.  It feels so soft and silky.

What I love about the Sugie Wogie:
  • the quality of the fabric and workmanship
  • the cute/sexy styles
  • the cute little cover up tops
  • how comfortable it feels on
  • that I feel absolutely stunning in it!
What I don't like about the Sugie Wogie:
  • it takes a bit of effort to get it on--not anything too bad, but so worth it!
This is one bathing suit that I will take on trips, cruises (some day) or wear around the pool to look and feel glamorous!

Want to win your own Sugie Wogie?  Then enter below!

Disclosure:  I received a Sugie Wogie for review purposes.  This review contains my honest opinions.


karenmed409 said...

I like the Cheers for Tiers Swim Dress, cute belt she added to give it more sparkle.. Love them all.
karenmed409 at comcast dot net

Celebrate Woman said...

Would love to try cheers for tiers swim dress! Thank you for this giveaway, Ann.

Anonymous said...

I love the Ruche Hour SwimDress

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