Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Photo Tips

Christmas Cards Traditional Wonder - Front : Dark Gray
Don't you love getting Christmas cards from friends and family where they have that perfect family photo?  Or maybe it ticks you off because you can't seem to pull it off with your family photos.  Maybe your family won't cooperate, maybe the pictures just don't look good.  The list of reasons why they don't turn out could be numerous.  

So, I thought I would offer some suggestions on taking a great family photo for your Christmas cards.  Here goes:

  • Select a good background.  I like outdoors because the lighting is usually better.  Try to find a place where their is a nice backdrop.  Trees and bushes look nice.  Or maybe you want to visit a park to find a good location.  
  • If taking your photo indoors, make sure you have a lot of light.  This will help the picture to come out clearer.  Also, check the background and make sure anything in the shot is nice and tidy. 
  • If you can, enlist the help of a friend to take your picture.  Otherwise, use a tripod and make sure you know how to use your timer on your camera before the family is there.  
  • Check to make sure the camera is charged and ready to go.
  • Take a few shots of the background without your family and upload to your computer.  This will give you an idea of the lighting and what you may not like about the location.  Don't forget to put your memory card back in the camera.
  • Think about how you might want to position family members.
  • Coordinate outfits among family members.  Maybe choose two colors and have everyone dress in that color line.  This isn't necessary, but can make the photo more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Take your pictures early in the day when your children aren't tired. 
  • Bribes.  Yep, bribe.  Tell your children if they cooperate they will get a special treat.
  • Get your family in position as quickly as possible, set the timer and take the picture.  Check quickly to see how you like it and snap off a few more.
  • Is one of your kids making the silly face?  Great--it just shows their personality!
Remember, having a perfect family photo on your greeting cards is not nearly as important as having fun with your family!  Don't stress it and send what you have.  

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