Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to Tackle Black Friday--Tips for Shoppers

Even though I am not a Black Friday shopper (I prefer cyber Monday and beyond in the cyber world), I do have some tips for those of you who are planning on heading out.

  1. Pack snacks and something to drink.  That great savings can quickly be eaten away at the food court, restaurant or vending machine.
  2. Read all the ads first and determine which store has the most items you want to try to purchase.  Hit that store first.
  3. Check online for any store coupons that may be valid.
  4. Pack your own shopping bags.  It is a lot easier to carry items in reusable shopping bags than most store bags.
  5. Take precautions in parking lots.  Observe what is going on around you, keep your purse close to you and keys ready so you aren't victimized.
  6. Take precautions while shopping.  Make sure to keep your purse close to you.  NEVER leave it in the shopping cart.  You can easily be distracted away from your cart.
  7. Stick to your list.  It is tempting to buy all sorts of other items you dont' really need because of low prices.
  8. Team up with family members or other parents.  If one of you finds the to-die-for Christmas toy, you can pick it up for the other.
  9. Be super friendly to the store associates.  Most people aren't and it is a long day for them.
  10. Have fun and relax.  Not getting an awesome deal doesn't have to ruin your day.
So, to all you shoppers, best of luck!

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