Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gift Cards Rock #giftcardsrock

Have you ever gotten that awful gift?  I mean truly awful gift that you would never use and certainly could never re-gift?   Where it takes all you have to smile and say, “I love it—thank you” without your face feeling all stretched out?  I have and I am sure most of my readers have been in the same predicament.    And probably more times than you would like.   I think the absolute worst gift I got was a purple polyester dress with little tiny buttons all the way up the dress.  The person got me the dress because they knew I liked the color purple, which is true, but this is something I definitely never wanted to wear.  Of course, I smiled and tried to keep my face relaxed and said I would save it for very special occasions.  Like scrubbing the toilet.

Anyway, that brings me to point of gift cards.  I have a passion for gift cards.  I know some people feel that gift cards are impersonal and thoughtless, but in actuality, the receiver is usually very appreciative of a gift card.  With gift cards, you do not have to worry about the recipient liking your gift.  The recipient can choose the perfect gift for themselves.

I personally love gift cards for common places, such as Target, Amazon or Kohl’s, but it is also nice to receive gift cards from specialty shops, such as Crabtree and Evelyn where I can purchase a little luxury.  The gift of music is also an awesome gift card.  When I am shopping for my nieces and nephews, I know I can’t go wrong with an I-tunes gift card.

Giving gift cards can save you time and they can help you save some money, too.  If you are looking to buy a last minute gift, you can stop by a local grocery store (which you are probably going to anyway) and pick one up there.  Or you can order one online.  As far as saving money, when you buy gift cards at grocery stores like Krogers, you can earn fuel savings.  Or maybe you will get rewards for your next shopping trip.

Still feel gift cards are impersonal?  Then wrap them up in a special way.  Since shopping is easier, stamp a brown paper bag and wrap with twine or a pretty ribbon.  Buy a little stuffed animal and tie it on.  Tuck it in a coffee mug.  Wrap it in a scarf.   Find a coupon for the store and include it with the gift card.   

So, if you are looking for a last minute gift, think gift cards!  Merry Christmas!

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