Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Daughter Questions--Is It Wrong to be So Excited About Presents?

One day this fall, my daughters were talking about their favorite holidays.  My oldest, now 7, said she liked Christmas the best.  I asked, "Why?  Because you get lots of presents?"  She replied, "No.  I like that, though.  But because it is Jesus' birthday."  What a great kid.  And even now, deep into the whole Santa thing, she was questioning if it is okay for her to be so excited about presents when we are really celebrating Jesus' birth.

It warms my heart that she even stops to question that.  I love that something we have done has sunk into her.  Of course, I reassured her that it is fine to be excited and happy.  I explained that presents represent God's gift to us of his son and the excitement we should feel about his birth.  And I think she feels it.

I hope you feel excited about your Christmas gifts and remember the greatest gift that was ever given was born on Christmas Day!

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