Friday, December 2, 2011

Review: Kids Concoctions Magic Bubble Art

I love anything arts and crafts for kids.  I think it is important to get them away from computers, video games and such and allow them to explore their creativity.  Kids Concoctions Magic Bubble Art by ALEX allows that to happen.

The kit comes complete with 3 bottle of coloring, liquid soap, assorted paper, 90 stickers and punch outs, 4 mixing cups, 6 straws, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, string and plastic stir stick along with instructions.  Children can create more than 16 bubble themed projects with this kit.

The instructions do warn you to cover the work surface with newspaper.  I used a plastic table cloth and you definitely need to get the work surface covered.  I initially had some problems locating the "liquid soap."  The only thing I could find was a larger bottle of glittery gold bathtub paints so I called the company.  They said the bathtub paints were the soap and that they were changing the instructions to reflect that.  You don't need many directions, but the ones they had were vague, such as add coloring.  How much coloring?  We added what I thought was a good bit, but we quickly found out it takes most of the color to get deeper colors.  In fact, I we couldn't get them as dark as what is on the box, but the coloring was still pretty and very interesting.

The girls loved blowing up the bubbles.  After blown up, simply place the paper on top.  The print of the bubbles on paper makes a wonderful design.  There were only two small pieces of white paper in the package and I think that was more for the design part so we used white computer paper.  I have very thin paper.  It worked okay but I would recommend using a heavier copy paper if possible.

Once the papers were covered with bubble prints and dry, the girls traced pictures from the punch outs, then cut them out and added stickers and pipe cleaners to finish their projects.

The girls had a lot of fun with this, but let me warn you--it is messy.  I would also recommend using a small plastic cup because the paper cups included became soggy and started leaking by the end.  Also, they were very easy to tip over if the girls left the straws in them.  This happened two times--and of course, it was with the dark blue.  It got all over my daughter's pants and I thought they were probably ruined, but was pleasantly surprised when it washed out!

This is good, creative fun.  What kid doesn't enjoy blowing bubbles through a straw?

This retails for $15.95.  You can find out more about Kid Concoctions Magic Bubble Art by visiting Growing Tree Toys.

Disclosure:  I received Magic Bubble Art in order to facilitate this review.  This review contains my honest opinions.

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