Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cute, No-Sew Scarf (and it is Recycled, too!)

No-sew scarf from a t-shirt
I love my new scarf that I made!  I wore it today and got a lot of compliments.  Boy, were people surprised when I told them my husband wore it a few weeks ago.

Yes, he did actually wear it a few weeks the form of a t-shirt.  You know, one of those t-shirts that men hate to part with?  Yes, it had holes under the arms and the neck was frayed.  There were a couple other small holes, too.  I made the executive decision that he was no longer going to wear it (and if I didn't, he would wear it another 5 years--you should have seen what his Widespread Panic t-shirt looked like before I could get him to part with it).

Like I said, this is a no-sew scarf.  If you can cut, you can make this.  Simply cut the bottom of an old t-shirt off and cut from arm pit to arm pit.  Continue to cut strips horizontally about 2" apart.  When you are done cutting the strips, stretch them out.  The ends will all curl under, creating a ropy ring.  Since was my husband's shirt, I had to loop it twice around my neck.  Another great thing about this scarf is that it is machine washable!

Do you like?

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Brenda said...

What a great idea! It turned out really nice.

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